Shane Yamane

Owner and designer Shane Yamane is a trained bench jeweler committed to preserving traditional techniques while incorporating modern methods and technologies. He found his earliest moments of inspiration in the ocean and forests of his childhood in Hawaii. Through jewelry design, Shane has found the perfect medium to channel his creative expression, creating wearable heirlooms, lasting objects, meant to last for generations. 


S.Yamane Studio | since 2008

S.Yamane is a NY based jewelry design studio providing heirloom-quality craftsmanship and timeless design. Each piece of jewelry is thoughtfully handmade in our downtown workshop using only the finest in responsibly sourced materials. 


Custom | Heirloom Redesign

In addition to our evolving in-house collection, S.Yamane Studio offers two primary services: custom jewelry design and heirloom jewelry redesign. Whether we’re starting from scratch or with an existing heirloom, we believe the process should be open and easy for clients around the world to work with us online or in person. Jewelry holds great significance of shared experience - reminders of love, loss, tradition and memories. S.Yamane Studio is honored to offer its jewelry design services to help create deeper connections for a lifetime and longer.